Thalandor and Gwandor

Thalandor was known as 'Doom Star' because he would swoop over the dark forest by night hunting for Goblins trying to creep into Athel Loren under cover of darkness. If he spied any from on high, he would swoop down between the pines and attack without mercy, riding upon the back of Gwandor, his faithful Great Eagle.[1a]

Gwandor the Black is perhaps the most famous of the Great Eagles. This mighty bird carried Thalandor into battle against the undead hordes of the Vampire Count of Sylvania, and it was the bravery and power of Gwandor that saved Thalandor's life on that grim day.[1a]

A Wood Elf contingent that had marched to help the Empire by scouring the grim pine forests of Sylvania for signs of the Count's army, was overwhelmed by Skeleton hordes. The location of the enemy was revealed, but almost at the cost of the entire Elf contingent. With their general slain, the Elves fought a rearguard action and many escaped. Thalandor heroically held back the hordes with his magic until he was beset by Carrion and badly wounded. The Elves escaped, thinking Thalandor had fallen. Meanwhile, Gwandor fought ferociously to rescue his master and carried the wounded Thalandor speedily back to the safety of Loren where he was healed by the magic of Ariel.[1a]

Magic Items

  • Magic War Paint: Thalandor paints himself with magical designs before going into battle. These can magically deflect blows from weapons and missiles.[1a]
  • Talisman of Qwarr: Qwarr was the mightiest of all the Great Eagles who ever lived and an ancestor of Gwandor himself. It was Qwarr who slew the ravenous dragon Grathgol when he came to steal eggs from his eyrie. Although the dragon plummeted to his doom, torn by Qwarr's talons, Qwarr himself also perished in the fight. Elves saw this terrible conflict in the air and preserved the mighty talons and beak of Qwarr as a powerful talisman.[1a]
  • Spear of Daith: This spear was made by Daith, legendary master craftsman of Loren. He carved upon its shaft mystical spirals which give the weapon a will of its own. Upon the hardened copper spearhead are engraved eyes that allow the spear to see the blows of the enemy and intercept them with its unbreakable hardwood shaft.[1a]


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