"I anoint myself with the blood of Ulric that I shall not fear to bleed.
I pledge myself to Ulric's work that I shall not fear to suffer.
I give myself to Ulric that I shall not fear to die.''"
Ulrican Initiation
Warhammer Empire Barbarian

Map of the Barbarian Kingdoms

Warhammer Teutogen Priest

The Teutogen were considered the chosen people of Ulric, the fierce God of War, Winter and Wolves

The Teutogen Tribe, known previously as the Tutokin people are an ancient war-like tribe of Human barbarians populating the lands of what is today Middenland, and as such the Teutogens are the direct ancestors of the modern day Middenlander.[1a] This tribe had settled within the domains of the Old World at around the year of -1000 IC, alongside many of the founding tribes that made up much of the Empire. Once the tribes of the Teutogens arrived upon the northwestern lands of the Empire, they plundered and conquered all the lands from the River Reik all the way towards the Middle Mountains.[1b]

Though their territories were vast, the Teutogen were deeply devoted to their warrior-god Ulric, God of Winter and Wolves. And so, the Teutogens continued to search for a proper place of worship for their people, slaughtering their way across the lands of man, butching entire forest tribes and offering up grisly sacrifices in the name of their diety until a vision from their patron god Ulric led them to a flat-topped mountain that stood like a fortified island amongst the surrounding dense woodlands. There they built their great settlement of Middenheim and named the mountain Fauschlag, though it is today more commonly known as the Ulricsberg.[1b]  There the people of the Teutogen lived their lives to the principles of Ulric, fighting and defeating many of their neighboring Human tribes for plunder and land. The Teutogens were fiercely hated and feared by the rest of the Human tribes, for they have preyed and raided their lands whilst the tribes fought hard to push back the Norsii threat to the north.[2b]

The greatest insult came when King Artur failed to join the Funeral of King Bjorn when he fell defeating the Norsii and saving the tribes of the Cherusen and Taleutens from extinction.[2d] Following the destruction of the Norsii, King Sigmar led his confederation of tribes towards the Teutogens, where Sigmar challenged King Artur to single combat and claimed not only the allegiance of the Teutogens but also the approval of Lord Ulric himself. Since then, the Teutogen became fierce allies of Sigmar and became a founding member of the newly formed Empire, with Sigmar naming Prince Wulcan as their new King and first High-Priest of Ulric.[2e]

Notable Teutogens

  • Artur - Chieftain of the Teutogen Tribe and spiritual Champion of Ulric
  • Wulcan - The son of Artur and both the first Elector Count and the first Ar-Ulric of the Cult of Ulric.


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