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Tetto'eko upon his floating palanquin.

Tetto'eko, Astronomer of the Constellations, is the Chief Astronomer of the Temple of the Eclipse in Tlaxtlan and one of the greatest Skink Priests the Lizardmen have ever known.


Tetto'eko's appearance on the battlefield heralds events of such importance that heavenly bodies have been known to realign themselves in his favour. Those sensitive to the skeins of destiny can feel its precarious balance as well as sense Tetto’eko’s uncanny ability to shift the winds of fate his own way. At over a century old, Tetto’eko is ancient for a Skink, yet his mind is quick and his unprecedented ability to predict the future only seems to improve. The Skink Priest was spawned when the true moon obscured the cursed second moon; this was previously seen as an ill omen, but with the coming of Tetto’eko it has now been pronounced as a sign of good fortune. The Mage-Priests have also proclaimed that the Old One Tepok has blessed Tetto’eko and granted the astromancer his unfathomable foresight.[1a]

By Tetto’eko’s predictions, many dire events have been averted before they were allowed to happen. It was Tetto’eko and his precognitive skills that defeated the Skaven forces that massed once again at Quetza. It was Tetto’eko that pointed the great Chameleon Skink Oxyotl towards the hidden enclave of Skaven Assassins that was waiting to ambush Lord Mazdamundi. It has been said that the Lizardmen have never lost a battle with Tetto’eko present. Recognising Tetto’eko’s unique ability, the Slann Mage-Priests have gifted the Skink with his own palanquin to carry the Chief Astromancer’s frail body. So famous are Tetto’eko’s predictions that he is afforded the same reverence as a Slann - the Temple Guard bowing low as the Skink hovers across the city to attend to his many star-viewings.[1a]


  • The Eye of the Old Ones: As stellar alignments draw near, Tetto’eko can see opportunities for his forces to exploit in the future.[1a]
  • The Stellar Staff: Atop this staff is a mystical orrery with which Tetto’eko can alter the trajectory of passing comets.[1a]


  • 8th Edition. (Front)
  • 8th Edition. (Back / Rear)


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