The victim turns to alcohol to blunt his feelings of fear, unease, desperation and madness. But everyday it seems to take yet another mug to keep the nightmares at bay. The person becomes addicted and spends his waking hours moodily obsessing over when, where and how to acquire the next drink. Once he gets his precious liquor, he drinks himself into a stupor.[1a]

Every day the afflicted must use willpower resist the lure of the demon drink. If he fails, he’ll do everything in his power to find and consume alcohol, including drinking foul, poisonous substances like turpentine. When he fails during times when alcohol is not available, he suffers lowered intelligence, willpower, and teamwork until he can find something alcoholic to drink. One drink will restore his attributes to normal, with the exception of willpower.[1a]

In addition, whenever an opportunity presents itself to drink (like walking past a tavern), the victim must resist succumbing to his Terrible Thirstings right on the spot.[1a]

In both of the above cases, if he cannot bring up the will, the person will keep drinking until the booze runs out or he can overcome the urge. Each drink reduces his willpower, making it harder and harder to resist another drink.[1a]

Long-term abuse of alcohol taxes the body and the mind. For every 6 months the individual is addicted, he loses strength, toughness, agility, willpower, and ability to work with others. Finally, someone suffering from Terrible Thirstings is especially susceptible to the temptations of the Chaos God Slaanesh and his minions.[1a]


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