Warhammer Lizardmen Terradon

A pair of Terradons carrying off their quarry.

Terradons are a species of large flying reptiles that have haunted the skies above Lustria since the most ancient ages of the world.


Terradons are dangerous predators with sharp talons and pointed beaks that are filled with needle-like teeth. Many creatures fear to see the ominous shadow of their wide wingspan or to hear the shrill and piercing cries of those hunting packs that scour the lush jungles for prey.[1a]

Terradons dwell in high crags and atop the jungle canopy, hundreds of metres above the ground. Their keen eyesight can pierce the gloom of the jungle, enabling them to spot potential prey at great distances. They will attack anything man-sized or smaller, and are known to swoop down and snatch their victims before finding a perch where they can leisurely pull their prey apart and feed. Their huge, leathery wings can propel them at great velocity, and they are surprisingly agile, able to fly at full speed through the thick jungle, avoiding branches, vines and trees with relative ease.[1a]

While hunting, Terradons often glide through the air rather than using their wings to propel them across, using the hot thermal airs that rise from the jungle to allow them to keep themselves afloat without getting tired. They can remain airborne for days on end, but will plummet earthwards upon seeing even the slightest movement of potential prey. Terradons are known to snatch eggs from the nest-lairs of any number of Lustria’s gigantic creatures. Some of these eggs bear shells so thick that not even determined sledgehammer blows can break them. This does not stop the Terradon, however, as it simply grasps the egg with its talons and soars, dropping the egg high into the sky and releasing its quarry into the earth where it will shatter, releasing the nutritious newborn from its protective shell. This behavioral tendency eventually gave rise to the first of the Terradon Riders.[1a]

Famous Terradons


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