Templehof Sylvania map

This town in Sylvania, bordering the imperial province of Stirland is named for its famed temple of Morr, which has not seen a priest in 800 years. The current township's Burgermeister is Vancel von Templehof and recently a cabal of wizards from The Light Order in Templehof have taken residence in Templehof. [1a]

The Light Order in Templehof

Led by the prime magus Jovi Sunscryer, when at first a cabal of wizards from the Light Order first took up residence in Templehof, the people of the township were suspicious to the point of hostility. But the wizards were generous with their coin and were grudgingly allowed to stay, provided they kept themselves hidden away from "proper folk".

Since an incendiary demonstration of the cabal's talent during the Ghoul Raids of 2521, the townspeople have taken the Light Order to their flea-bitten bosoms, calling them "the White Wizards" and, at suppertime, bring bowls of hare and turnip stew to their manse atop the crag.

Officially, the Light Order established a rural collegium in Sylvania because theirs is the College of Magic best suited to banish the Undead. It is a fact they have proven dozens of time since the Great Darkness fell. Only the township's Burgermeister, Vancel von Templehof, suspects an ulterior motive: his town is but a few days south of the desolation of Mordheim, and if the bounty hunters of the vale are to be believed, the streets of the doomed city still hide shards of strange crystal that wizardly types value more than gold.[2a]

The Druken Goat Inn

The Drunken Goat: a drinking hole beloved of roadwardens and highwaymen alike as a haven for the living when the dead went a-roaming. During the events in the book Sigmar's Blood, it seemed that the innkeep, Bors Ratsnatcher, had left his lanterns burning before leaving for pastures new - almost every window had a golden light glimmering behind it, with the tavern being packed to capacity with rowdy patrons; all that was left of the Townships east of the vale.[2b]


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