In addition to serving as a holy building, the Temple of Verena serves as Kislev's official courts. Much of Kislev's justice is delivered here, and it is in the Temple of Verena that such official trials are held and argued. This massive building has a long, colonnaded front and is fashioned from white marble brought from the Apuccini Mountains of Tilea. A silver owl sits above the main entrance, which leads into an enormous hallway illuminated by hundreds of candles and tall, narrow windows. At the far end of the hallway sits a colossal statue of Verena, an owl perched on her shoulder and an open book in her lap. The many chambers that can be reached from this hallway house many of the temple's clerics, courtrooms, and also its library, which, with the exception of the library of the Bokha Palace, is one of the greatest collections of wisdom and learning in Kislev.[1a][1b]


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