The main Temple of Verena in Altdorf is little more than a chapel that connects the University to the Great Library. This reflects the Verenean philosophy that learning is an act of worship in itself. Members of the cult seem to assume that the university and library are part of the temple and belong to the cult. This is not actually the case, but so many of the professors and librarians are devout followers and cultists of Verena that it may as well be.[1a]

Many of the vaults and annexes of these institutions are locked and guarded. Access is only granted to priests of Verena and those whom the high priest approves. The nature of some of the artefacts and tomes to be found are somewhat dubious, and the Holy Order of the Templars of Sigmar might be very surprised to discover the sort of things being studied here, almost right under their noses.[1a]


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