A collection of great boulders marks the Temple of Ursun apart from the rest of the Magnus Gardens. Within this pile is a deep cave whose tunnels extend far below the frozen ground. Normally, this temple is open and welcoming, if rarely busy. Two winters ago, however, Chief Priest Urosh sent all his subordinates away except one and did not appear for Waking Day or any other ceremony. His temple falls into disrepair above him, but he will not leave his inner sanctum and talks to no one. The reason for his self-imposed isolation is that Urosh has been touched by Chaos, and he has grown a boar's snout and sprouted thick, sapfilled thorns from his arms and shoulders. His seclusion is partly because he knows he cannot let the faithful see their chief priest in such a state but also because he is ashamed, believing he has wronged Father Bear in some way and is being punished. Urosh is slipping into madness, and his assistant, Gyrna, is running out of excuses about his master's absence. Gyrna desperately needs help to get the chief priest out of the city, but who can he trust to keep the secret?[1a]


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