Standing opposite the Temple of Dazh in Geroyev Square, the Temple of Ulric is a massive edifice of white stone adorned with statues of fierce wolves flanking the black, wooden doors. The building is square and has a central dome, though there is little ornamentation on the outside. Within this massive structure are many priests' chambers and training rooms, for Ulric is a warrior God, and his clerics are expected to be able to fight. The temple was built on the site of a former Shrine of Ursun, something that almost brought the two cults to bloodshed (and there was plenty of friction beforehand) and resulted in the followers of Ursun declaring that they would not erect so much as a single cairn or standing stone within the city's walls. To the more devout followers of Ursun, the city of Kislev is a blasphemous place, and it is only a matter of time until the Father of Bears smites it with his wrath.[1a]


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