Built on the edge of Geroyev Square, the Temple of Tor is built upon an artificially raised mound of earth brought from the wide, open steppes. As much as any building can be said to squat, the Temple of Tor squats in the shadow of the Bokha Palace, its thick stone blocks carved from the peaks of the Worlds Edge Mountains. A heavy, timber roof studded with copper rods covers the interior of the temple, and no matter what the season, the skies above the temple are always dark and heavy with the promise of thunder and lightning. Often, bolts of lightning strike the temple, and when this happens, Tor's priests see it as an omen of things to come, reading the future in the patterns of the blue fire that ripples through the walls of the temple. A massive silver statue of Tor dominates the temple, a hugely muscled, square-jawed warrior bearing a mighty axe with a haft of oak with which Tor cleaves the sky to create his thunderbolts.[1a]


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