"In the jungles to the east and south of here, there is a temple. An edifice stained in the blood of a thousand generations and haunted by the spirits of those who died screaming on its black altars."
Khalida Neferher, High Queen of Lybaras[1a]

The Temple of Skulls, known by the Nehekharans as the Lizard Pyramid[2a], is an ancient, long-abandoned derelict Temple-City once owned and inhabited by the Lizardmen and created by the Old Ones of a bygone age.[1b] It is located to the southeast of Rasetra and west of the Mangrove Coast of the Southlands.[2b]

Now, the temple is nothing more than a cursed place, where dark rituals were enacted and horrible monsters live amongst the ruins. The temple itself sits at the center of a natural river basin, with large avenues and other outlying temples encircling it like the spokes of a wagon wheel. At one time, the temple was the capital of a large empire of the dead, ruled by the ancient Lahmian Vampire Nitotris. After her death by the hands of Gotrek and Felix, her realm has since crumbled and what remains cannot be discerned. Nevertheless, that ancient city is a place of evil and no sane being has since ventured into those ruins to claim whatever treasures that might still linger there.[1b]


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