This building stands out in the streets of Kislev, for its architectural style is markedly different from the structures around it, more in keeping with the elaborate domes and spired roofs of Tilean and Estalian temples. The Temple of Myrmidia is a gathering place of warriors, and it echoes with tales of glory and the clash of weapons, for here a warrior may test his mettle before setting off to war. The building is crowned by a bronze statue of the Goddess Myrmidia, and her temple is hung with glittering swords of ice and carved eagles of bronze. Bas-reliefs of shields and spears adorn much of the exterior, as well as marble statues of great warriors from Kislev's past. Knights from the Order of the Winter Sun protect the temple, an order founded some years after the Crusades when a group of Knights of the Blazing Sun travelled northwards and paused in Kislev before riding to their doom in the Troll Country. A frieze of solid ice in the heart of the temple commemorates this noble sacrifice, and it has become customary for warriors setting off northwards to take a chip of ice from this frieze as a token of good luck. Thankfully, the ice grows back moments later, or there would be little left of the frieze![1a]


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