The walled and barracks-like domed Temple of Myrmidia in Altdorf is relatively new compared to the temples of the more established Imperial cults, and shows the growing confidence that the cult has in its place in the Empire. A great blue marble statue of Myrmidia stands in front of the colonnaded central building. There are signs of martial activity everywhere: followers spar, duel, and joust to improve their skills and worship Myrmidia. The robed initiates are a picture of youth and prowess.[1a]

The temple and others like it throughout the Empire are rapidly gaining a reputation as excellent opportunities for the offspring of the aspiring middle class to begin their way in the world.[1a]

The military connection is emphasised, but worshippers receive a well-rounded education and the instilling of self-discipline that promises to stand students in good stead for their entire life. The Imperial army benefits as well, by having a stream of competent recruits to boost their ranks. Some of the old guard resent the Myrmidians, however, seeing their training and fighting style as too mechanical or formulaic to be effective. They believe that a prayer to Sigmar or Ulric and a rush of blood is all that is needed on the battlefield.[1a]


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