The Temple of Dazh's Blinding Luminescence—to give its full name—sits high on the hill by the Citadel. This massive temple rivals the one in Kislev in both size and opulence. Like all temples to the sun God, it is a circular structure open to the sky and filled with golden images of their chosen deity. Unlike most temples to Dazh, its exterior walls are filled with fine stained-glass windows, depicting the God and his many companions and legends. It also includes what is known as the "Seeing Circle" in the centre. Here, the most devout priests sit at noon and stare at the wonder of Dazh above for as long as they are able. As a result, most of the cult leaders are blind. Andrya Uneslav is the current watcher, and he is famed for his unerring perception of people and sounds, despite his condition. It is said that if a pin drops in his temple, Andrya can tell you which way it is pointing.[1a]

Dazh has always been strongly favoured in Praag, and this fervour has only intensified with Kislev becoming an Ursun stronghold again. The passion of Praag's Dazh cultists is legendary and has given rise to both religious and political drama—religious in the case of miracles, such as the time Watcher Iablanik prayed for so long for food for his dying city that he turned into a great apple tree and political in the case of several Watchers over the years being prepared to go head to head with boyars, generals, ice witches, and the duke to ensure the protection of the cult's interests. Most famously of all, the extremely stubborn Watcher Rak, Uneslav's predecessor, made history when he met with an ambassador from the Empire. The envoy made the mistake of suggesting—after a long discussion of Kislev's obvious weaknesses and need of the Empire's assistance—that Dazh was unnecessary, for those who were under Ulric's blessing need never fear the winter's cold. Rak picked up the large Ulrican and threw him head first through one of the enormous stained-glass windows. This event became known as the "Defenestration of Praag" and caused shockwaves throughout Empire-Kislev relations, some of which are still being felt to this day.[1a][1b]


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