Standing at the edge of Geroyev Square (and squarely opposite the Temple of Ulric) the Temple of Dazh takes the form of a large arena that is open to the heavens and enables his worshippers to pay homage to their God under the sky in which he lives. The temple in Kislev is one of the richest of Dazh's temples and is dominated by a large gilded statue of Dazh. The air is wreathed in scented smoke from the hundreds of burning braziers and fire pits—which must never be allowed to go out—that are tended by the priests. With the Temple of Tor so close, the weather around this part of the city changes frequently, and thunder and lighting have been known to change to a warm, clear summer's day in the time it takes to walk between the two temples.[1a]

The priests of Dazh are clad in gold jewellery, and the more senior priests positively glitter with the precious metal. In any other city, such ostentatious displays of wealth would attract the attention of thieves and rogues, but no Kislevite would dare attempt to steal from this temple, for they know that it was Dazh who gave the secret of fire to their ancestors, and without that gift, the winters of Kislev would be fatal.[1a]


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