The Temple of Clio the Scrivener is surprisingly large and ornate for that of a minor deity. This is mainly because of the large fees (or “donations”) that the cultists require in exchange for their services as premier Scribes, illuminators, and documenters for the powerful and wealthy. The temple also receives regular and sizable contributions from patron temples of Verena.[1a]

Located in the heart of Carroburg, the temple is a simple square with an enormous front gate. The walls are adorned with gorgeous carvings, frescoes, and mosaics depicting Clio, Verena, and dedicated cultists hard at work. The temple’s library is impressive and filled with original works on philosophy, history, and theology, along with copies of other famous tomes penned by the temple’s professional Scribes.[1a]

In addition to the usual contingent of servants, caretakers, and other laymen, the temple of Clio is home to several dozen Scribes, illuminators, and other professional artists who spend their days hunched over their desks in the well-lit “scribing room” that dominates the center of the building. Cultists offer their services to anyone who needs them, and have established a sliding scale to accommodate those who cannot afford to pay much, such as commoners needing legal documents filled out. For the wealthy, however, the temple not only performs their duties with great speed and care, but also produces amazing and luscious pictures and script – even mundane papers are considered works of art. The Temple charges accordingly, and something like a large, illuminated tome can easily run into the hundreds of gold crowns. Other cults sometimes have their precious works sent to Carroburg to have the Temple of Clio copy these scrolls and tomes for safekeeping and archiving.[1a]

The temple bustles with activity throughout the day, but closes for an hour in the morning so the cultists can engage in vigorous exercise in the courtyard directly in front of the building. Newcomers to the city are often surprised to see these robed priests march orderly out into the courtyard, then begin a regimen of callisthenics and stretches while the Master of the Temple keeps the time in a slow, sing-song like prayer.[1a]


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