Temple Ward

A ward in the auspice of Sigmar.

Temples may serve as orphanages for the unwanted and lost children of the Old World. Generally, these are children simply left on the doorstep by poor or ashamed mothers. A rare few are publicly given to the cult, along with great fanfare and rich gifts. These children are expected to become leaders of the cult, allies for the noble or merchant family that gave them up. Finally, a few are the unwanted, the corrupt, and the reviled. Children born with mutations of the flesh are sometimes left with temples by parents who have not the heart to kill their own children.[1a]

A child raised by a temple is steeped in the rituals and traditions of the cult. Everything she does, all of her experiences, centre on the observances of the God. She rarely speaks to anyone who is not, at the very least, a devout lay follower, and this gives her a somewhat distorted view of the world; whilst most know, intellectually, that there are followers of other Gods, they cannot really believe it.[1a]

Temple wards are particularly prone to either end of the spectrum of fanaticism or heresy. Fanaticism arises from the belief the God is the only thing that matters, while heresy comes from a confidence in one's own knowledge of the God's will and plans. A few do rise to high positions in their cults, as their loyalty is beyond question.[1a]

There are real problems if a temple ward feels an inclination to a different God. Most do not; faith in the temple’s God is never questioned around them, so they simply follow along. A few, however, hear of other deities from casual worshippers, and become curious. A ward of Ulric showing an interest in Shallya, or vice versa, is in for a very uncomfortable time as the priests beat the foolishness out of her.[1a]

That said, there is an odd relationship between the temples of Shallya and Ulric in this matter. Although the Shallyans have a reputation for taking all orphans, they prefer to raise girls, who could become priestesses or be married off. A significant number of Shallyan temples have agreements with the local temple of Ulric, turning boys over around the age of seven for training as warriors. Since these boys are used to the kindness of Shallyans, the initial experience of Ulrican training is a terrible shock, and many try to run away. Nearly all are caught, brought back, and punished. It is rumoured that someone who is caught five times, and survives the punishments, is destined for great things within the cult, as Ulric admires resolve, independence, and survival.[1a]


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