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Every town, village, city, and thorp has at least one watering hole. Old Worlders like to forget about their miserable lives, the present threat of death, and their general dissatisfaction with lords and their kind. Taverns offer men and women a place to escape, to laugh, sing, and swap stories, and a place to spend hard-earned coppers in the company of friends.[1a]

The Old World Tavern is usually small, smoky, crowded with tables or bench seating, and has a hearth on which some questionable fare simmers. During peak times, there is rarely room to stand, let alone sit. Such closeness lends an air of camaraderie, but in seedier dives, violence is quick to break out.[1a]

Taverns usually let a room for a modest fee. Most have a back room that serves a common room for the poor and weary or those too drunk to go home.[1a]



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