Tallerhof is a village of about two hundred dwellings perched on the banks of the Teufel where the Grey Lady Road meets the Dwarf road. It is an austere looking place of windswept, low buildings and grey slate roofs, surrounded by a grey stone wall. Its only notable feature is an ancient iron bridge, built by the Dwarfs long ago for their trade route to the Reikland. While many of the villagers are law-abiding folk, there is a heavy presence of smugglers in the settlement. Its location is perfect for smuggling dwarf goods from Karak Azgaraz or other goods to and from Bretonnia. Rumour has it that even Werner Smokkel, the village’s mayor, used to be a smuggler. This is not true – he still is one. The village priest, Siegfried Steuer, fights against him at every turn.[1a]

The Iron Bridge is the village’s only inn. It seems to have distinct, dual roles. The lounge bar accommodates legitimate travellers, honest traders, and upright Dwarfs. The saloon bar is a den of smuggling and villainy.[1a]


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