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Map of the Barbarian Kingdoms

A hulking Taleuten warrior

The Taleuten are an ancient war-like tribe of Human barbarians populating the lands of what is today Talabecland, and as such the Taleutens are the direct ancestors of the modern day Talabeclander.[1a]


Like many other tribes, the Taleutens came into the lands of the Empire in -1000 IC and settled within the lands between the River Talabec and the River Stir.[1a] There, it is according to legend that Taal created a massive crater within the forest to serve as the new home for his chosen people. In time, the Taleutens under their ruler, King Kruger founded the settlement of Taalheim and made these lands their own.[4a]

Yet, it was also during this time that six-thousand of the Norsii invaded from the north, smashing through the Udoses tribal territories before descending upon the Taleutens and the Cherusens. Setting aside their differences, the two tribes joined together to fight off these northern invaders, but their combined might proved fruitless against the savagery of their assault. In desperation, King Kruger and King Aloysis of the Cherusen pleaded with King Bjorn of the Unberogen for aid and in return they would swear sword-oaths upon the King.[2a] Accepting these demands, King Bjorn lead a host of warriors north and fought the Norsii invaders back, the Unberogen King sacrificing himself to kill a mighty Chaos Champion with a flaming sword in single combat.[2c]

In recognition for saving the Cherusen and Taleutens from utter destruction, the two Kings pledge themselves to the newly crowned Sigmar and promised that they shall fight for him should he have need of them. King Kruger's son, Talgris, would eventually finish construction of the great city in his lifetime. To  further strengthen their bond with the Unberogen, Sigmar gifted King Kruger with fine suits of Dwarf-forged armor and weapons, an extremely serious proposal of cooperation which impressed the entire tribe.[3a] Ever since then, the Taleutens became a proud founding member of the newly formed Empire.[2e]


Amongst the pre-Imperial tribes, the Taleutens were unparalleled horsemen. The Taleutens were the first to invent the stirrup and raised saddle. These innovations increased a Taleuten rider's stability greatly. This allowed him to couch a lance under his arm, where the cavalrymen of other tribes had to hold a spear over the shoulder or at arm's length. This technique was taught to the other founding tribes of the Empire before the First Battle of Blackfire Pass.[5a]


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