Located on the opposite side of the Taalbaston from Talabheim sits an ancient wood called the Taalgrunhaar Forest. Also known as the Taalwelt, this massive copse of oak, maple, and birch trees is where Priests of Taal, the Forest God, roam and practice secret rites. Dotting the forests are several sweat lodges used by the locals and Priests. There is supposedly an enormous temple to Taal within the Taalwelt, though those looking for an edifice of stone are likely to be perplexed. Taal has no need of bricks and mortar. Rather, his Priests work their rites under the trees, atop tumescent earthworks and barrows, and within leafy groves. Numerous stone-lined sweat lodges pepper the forest, and on holy days, many are crowded with semi-clad men worshipping the Forest God. The most sacred area of the forest is to the north of the Taalwelt, where the trees grow particularly thick and plentiful.[1a]

Here, a series of low ridges and natural clearings form a grove known as the Horn of Taal, where the most sacred and solemn rites of Taal are performed, and it's the home of several of the most powerful of his Priests. In the old days, folk stumbling upon this grove—perhaps on a Stag Night or vision quest—would have their eyes put out and be cast from the forest. These days, however, the Priesthood is more inclined to turn a blind eye to these incidents.[1a]

The woods are technically the home of a suspicious, simple, and rather backwards people. Its sole town, a tiny hamlet called Vateresche, is noted for producing numerous strange and potent strains of moonshine. They guard their stills jealously and hang anyone they catch sampling their wares without consent.[1a]


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