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A Syreen.[1]

Syreens are powerful, seafaring spirits that accompany the Undead fleets of the Zombie Pirates.


In the dark, dingy taverns of filthy, pirate-infested places like Sartosa, tales are told of the ethereal horrors that haunt the most cursed corners of the oceans. The Vampire Coast is the most notorious of such places, and around its perilous shores and rocky outcrops where many a galleon has met its end, there lurk the ghostly Syreens. With howls that can turn even the bravest men stark white, spearing their souls like a lance through the heart and causing them to die of shock, they are like the Tomb Banshees of the Old World – tortured souls of evil Sorceresses who fear crossing the void to face whatever punishment awaits them for their malevolence. A single Syreen is a horrific thing to encounter, but it is not unheard of for the Necromantic Lords of the sea to bind them into terrifying groups to serve their nefarious purposes.[1]


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