The Swordfysh

The Swordfysh is a mighty square-rigged galleon, antique in design but no less lethal for it. Around its hull are swirling designs of waves, razorshells and tritons, and upon its prow is a giant ram in the likeness of a saw-shark's blade. The Swordfysh's every timber and plank is engraved with symbols of the Seafather Manann; its sails fly the crossed tridents of the sea-lords, and its hundred-plus cannons are decorated with carefully placed barnacles and knotted latch-eels.[2a]

the Swordfysh has cannon enough to reduce even the largest enemy galleons to so much matchwood. Nonetheless, it is common knowledge in Sartosa that the warship's captain prefers the bloody business of a boarding action to the thunder of a broadside.[2a]

The Swordfysh is manned by a motley crew of cutthroats and brigands in their hundreds. Aranessa Saltspite's warship displays a strong fishy theme, as befitting that belonging to the daughter of Manann, with crown shells and teeth of sea monsters decorating the hull, seaweed pennants and the addition of a large fin in place of a rudder. Other defining details include Unicorn Whale horns on the masts, a ram made from a massive sea beast and a Sea Giant skull figurehead with colossal jewels set in its eye sockets.[1a]


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