May or may not be related to Surtha Ek.

Surtha Lenk was a Kurgan warlord who, alongside Aelfric Cyenwulf led the initial assault on Kislev in 2521 IC. His own army would later meet the combined armies of the Empire, Tilean mercenary regiments and Ice Queen Katarin's own personal guard at the river crossing of Mazhorod in 2522, being destroyed utterly while its remnants are chased down to the west by Boyarin Kurkosk.[1a]

According to General Albertalli, the southerners had been lucky to win the battle. They had fought on a river, which initially would have been easy, but the river froze solid in an instant, and the Kurgans were all over them. A hard and bloody fight, but in the end Surtha Lenk was defeated.[1a]


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