Jaffar was a powerful sorcerer who in 1435 IC united Araby and ruled it as Sultan for fifteen years.


Originally the lord of a small city state, Jaffar managed to unite the nomadic tribes of the desert using charisma and his ability to summon powerful beings know as Djinn. Soon he had conquered the cities of Al-Haikk, Copher, Martek and Lashiek and formed the Sultanate of Araby. The Skaven soon allied themselves with the new Sultan of All Araby and traded services of espionage and assassination in exchange for warpstone. After several years of this arrangement, the Skaven managed to convince Jaffar that Estalia planned an attack on Araby. He then decided to invade Estalia, conquering Magritta and then laying siege to the Tilean city of Tobaro. In what would become known as the Crusades, thousands of knights from the Empire and Bretonnia, as well as mercenaries from Tilea, came to support the Estalians. In a year, Jaffar's army had been driven from Estalia and the Sultan fought a slow battle against the pursuing crusaders as tribe after tribe grew tired of his tyranny and retreated into the desert. In 1451, Jaffar's forces were defeated by the armies of King Louis the Righteous in the Battle of Al-Haikk and the Sultanate fell apart.[1][2][3]


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