Stuttburg a harbour town in the Empire. As it borders the sea, it is most likely of the province of Nordland or Ostland.[1a]


Stuttburg is best known for the Battle of Stuttburg, which occurred there in 2505 IC. The town was the focus of Antoine von Carstein invasion of the Empire, because the town's mayor, the retired knight Maximillian von Klaus, had defeated von Carstein forty years previous at the Battle of Schrolnetz Plain.[1a] The outcome of this battle is not known, but it surely wracked severe damage upon the town.


  • The Town Square, decorated with a statue of Manann[1a]
  • Town Hall, located on the town square[1a]
  • The Gate of Sigmar[1a]
  • A Monastery of the Sisters of Sigmar, located along the area's rocky coastline and only accessible by a rope bridge[1b]
  • A Lighthouse[1c]


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