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An Imperial student.

The great cities of the Empire have many universities that are attended by students. Most, like the Imperial School of Engineers in Altdorf, are funded by the state.

The first college in the Empire was established in Nuln and that city is still famous for its learning institutions (and, ironically, its Imperial Gunnery School). Students across the Empire can choose from a wide variety of courses, from history to anatomy to science.

Of course, many study nothing more than the bottom of a bottle and wash out of school in less than a year. Elven students don't go to Imperial universities, but learn from their own loremasters instead.

Halfling students are admitted to Imperial universities on sufferance, due to an obscure portion of an Imperial ordinance demanded by the Elder of the Moot.[1a]

The Imperial Degree

Being a student is one thing, but being a student who completes a degree is another entirely. The taverns and flop houses of the Old World are filled with adventurers with partial and unfinished degrees.

An Imperial degree is a legal document from an accredited Imperial university that verifies a student's successful completion of a comprehensive program in a specific field of study.[2a]

Basic literacy is a general requirement for admission to all Imperial universities. There are basic and advanced degrees available to the student with the appropriate prerequisites.

A student may earn multiple degrees over their careers, and compare them with fellow academic colleagues as badges of honour. However, a student's learning is often limited by available funds to pay tuition, rather than a lack of ambition.[2a]


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