Stimmigen is a market town in the Suden Vorbergland of Reikland. Located on the River Ober near the Vorbergland Canals, many barges bound for Ubersreik pass through Stimmigen.[1a]

Stimmigen is known for the Ernwald, a variety of apple well-known in Reikland. Attempts to cultivate the apple outside of Stimmigen's environs have failed. It is known for its sweet, yet tart taste, and is used in apple pies, pastries, crumbles, particularly crisp cider,[1a] and the infamous local delicacy, rat-apple stew.[3a]

The presence of the Ernwald in Stimmigen has attracted a relatively large halfling population to the town. Every year, come Pie Week, the halflings' baked goods can be found throughout the town. Even the human residents of Stimmigen celebrate the festival, an opportunity for rich and poor alike to gorge themselves on various sweet baked goods.[1a]

Stimmigen is also the location of a toll bridge.[2a]


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