The Steinhäger Family crest

The Steinhägers are another family native to Bögenhafen. They dominate trade with outposts of the Grey Mountains, exchanging finished goods from Altdorf, Nuln, and Marienburg for metals and furs. While they too have seen their Marienburg trade drop off due to the Storm of Chaos, they have made a great deal of money supplying raw materials such as lead to the forges of Nuln. Unique amongst the major merchant families, the Steinhägers maintain good relations with both the Stevedores' Guild and the Teamsters' Guild.[1a] In addition, the Steinhägers maintain a number of contracts amongst the Dwarfs and miners of the Grey Mountains.[2a]

Heinrich Steinhäger is the head of the family. He took over twelve years ago, after his brother Franz was murdered during “the Teugen affair” (a topic best avoided with him). Heinrich has few scruples and is willing to do nearly anything to increase his family's fortunes.[1a] The Steinhäger family owns one wharf, several warehouses, and offices located behind the Merchants' Guild.[2a]


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