Once the second city of Solland, Steingart is today a quiet agricultural market and a centre for the wool trade in eastern Wissenland. Ruled by Baron Frederich Hebart, Steingart would be on few maps were it not for the presence of extensive ruins to the southwest. These consist of a vast circle of standing stones, with a smaller ring of megaliths inside it. The sharpness of the inner ring of stones and their resemblance to cracked teeth have inspired the locals to name the structure "Taal's Fangs". Despite the nickname, the Cult of Taal does not claim the ruins, and neither they nor anyone else seem to have any record of who built the structure or to what purpose. Scholars of the University of Nuln suggest it may be an astrological calendar, with one in particular claiming it foretells a great disaster to befall the southern Empire soon. The nature of that disaster, however, along with everything else about the site, is the subject of endless debates.[1a]


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