"And know ye that the unclean shall be dispatched with but three strikes of the hammer upon the stake. And the stake will penetrateth the heart of the evil one and accomplish the banishment for all eternity. And when thou striketh, say the prayer of Sigmar."
Extract for the Great Book of Banishment[2a]

Stakes are weapons used to combat the Undead in the Empire. Highly effective stakes are made of silver, the purer the better, but for a simple stake wood will do. They are usually blessed by a priest of one of the Gods of the Old World and sometimes dowsed in Holy Water. Silver stakes are so powerful against the undead, that Witch Hunters are usually armed with one. [1] Some woods also make better stakes than others. Particularly effective woods include witchwood[1], ash, hawthorn, or rosewood.[3a]

The Great Book of Banishment mandates that stakes be carved from wood of the Holy Tree of Sigmar. The stakes are then sharpened with Dwarfen iron and hardened in a holy fire. The stakes are to be at least as long as two hands' breadth, and Witch Hunters are commanded to have at least three at all times.[2a]


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