Baersonling Warhammer Total War

Silver-bearded Spjall is the vikti of Vinnskor, and the oldest tribesman of the Baersonlings. He was an old friend of Sigdan, who had voyaged far with him in their younger days. Since his untimely death, the village medicine man looked upon his friend's son, Einarr, almost as his own kinsman, always trying to help with whatever wisdom his grey years could remember.[1a]

Spjall owns a neck-ring of silver thread containing a motley assortment of dangling bone charms and talismans, along with stone amulets depicting the sacred runes of the four great gods. He acquired this trinket from the hoard of a Kurgan Prince whose tomb he found in the Troll Lands beyond Kislev, back when he was still a young warrior. He would surrender the silver thread to Einarr, bidding the youth to find his own talismans, just as Spjall had found his.[1a]


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