Arachnarok Spider portrait

An Arachnarok Spider.

The Spider-god, also called the Feaster from Beyond, is a deity primary worshipped by the Spider Kult of the Forest Goblins of the Old World.

When the goblins arrived in the woodlands, they discovered multiple forms of spiders. The largest of them, the Arachnarok Spider, eluded any attempt to tame or defeat them and so, the goblins took on to worshipping them, placating them with offerings. At the same time, the totems of Gork and Mork were joined by eight-legged effigies with webbed skulls. While the Spider Kult did not replace worship of the traditional Greenskin deities, most forest-dwelling greenskins have turned to the Spider-god.[2b] Shrines to the many-eyed deity are sometimes constructed on the back of an Arachnarok itself.[2c]

Forest Goblin Shamans that have been regularly bitten by the venomous spiders that often inhabit their bodies speak of a dream-world which is haunted by eight-legged shadow daemons and strange spider gods.[1a] The Black Pit is considered sacred ground by the followers of the Spider-God.[2a]


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