800px-Beastmen Map

A map showing the high concentration of Beastfiends in the Southern Wastes

The Southern Wastes of Chaos are the counterpart to the northern Chaos Wastes. Unlike the wastes of the north, little to no information exists about those in the south.

The Southern Wastes once housed a polar gate and after its collapse, the landmass it stood on was flooded by the power of Chaos.[1a] Unlike its northern counterpart, however, this landmass was not connected to the other continents of the world and as a result, the only way to reach it is crossing the sea. The mortal races avoid it and maps often only describe it as "here be daemons".[2a] The only mortal beings with some kind of stronghold here are the High Elves, who control the Gates of Calith between the Southern Wastes and the Far East.[2a]

Of its natives, not much is known. Rumors point the origin of Warpfire Dragons to this desolate land.[3a] Daemons and other monsters hold sway here. Beastfiends, variants of Beastmen that have little resemblance to Men, but are instead fusions of beasts and daemon, battle each other for supremacy and the favor of the Dark Gods.[4b] Archaon visited the Southern Wastes on his quest to find the Daemon Prince Aggramon and steal Dhorgar, the Steed of the Apocalypse, from his stables.[4a]


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