On first impression, Hohenlohe seems to be an almost stereotypical bellicose giant of a man. Closer inspection reveals a sharp and kindly mind resides within the good Magistrate; however, several decades spent as an Assuror have worn Hohenlohe’s tolerance of lies down to the barest thread. His gruff bluster is a well-practiced front that he uses to put people off their guard in order to more easily catch them if they’re dissembling. Hohenlohe’s once fiery red hair has faded to a sharp grey at the temples, but he shows little other signs of being in his fifties. His wide shoulders and ruddy expression would seem to be more at home on a woodsman than a scholar. Indeed, he is a devout follower of Taal and frequently takes long trips into the wilderness to meditate on particularly thorny points of law.[1a]

Plague or no plague, he is not particularly happy about the city’s decision to send people away and intends to do his best to ensure that those who come before him are fairly assessed. Nevertheless, he is pragmatic and reasons that those who have enough money to bribe him will certainly do fine in the city, making him amiable to any number of offers.[1a]


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