Warhammer Daemonsmiths

A mighty Prophet wielding the powers of Chaos.

Sorcerer-Prophets are the greatest of the Daemonsmiths, who act not only as master artificers but also as the High Priest of Hashut.


It is they who led their people from the brink of destruction during the Great Catastrophe and first built the great and blasphemous city of Zharr-Naggrund in ages past, and it is they that still command it to this very day. Their works of sorcery and engineering are legendary, from the great obsidian and basalt towers and ziggurats drawn forth from the earth, and the dark iron towers raised up throughout the Dark Lands, to the steam-hissing engines that crush rock in slave mines and the baroque armour which adorns the Chaos Warriors of the north. All are their dark knowledge made manifest.[2a]

The price the Sorcerer-Prophets pay for their position and power is a dark one indeed, for should they show weakness they will fall and Hashut's demand for blood upon the altar-fires is unquenchable. Worse is the great curse that lays heavy upon them, as the magic they work seeps into their bodies, evoking changes in them that are both unique and horrific. Even the most cautious and adept of them are not immune, although for the desperate or foolhardy, the curse comes on all the swifter, as inexorably their bodies are petrified into immobile stone, starting with his feet.[1a][2a]

At first his legs turn grey and solid so that he is unable to move, and his followers are obliged to carry him around or else he has them construct a mechanical engine to move him about. Then his lower body and torso turn to stone, making him extraordinarily tough. Once his arms become stone he is entirely dependent upon his followers to perform his magic, as all he can do is speak and watch their progress. After a while his entire body turns to stone and he becomes a statue. The statues of Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers are lined up along the roadways around the Tower of Zharr-Naggrund, forming rank upon rank of grey stones watching over the approach to the city. Such is the price to pay to be bestowed with the blessings of Hashut.[1a]


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