Sophia Valencik is the personal physician for the Imperial Ambassador in Kislev, having been hired by Stefan early in Kaspar von Velten's incumbency. Indeed, three days after the man's first ball at the Winter Palace, she arrived at the Embassy gates with impressive credentials, and began her tenure by insisting she examine Kaspar thoroughly (much to the ambassador's vocal consternation, and only after both she and Stefan continued to insist).[1a]

A tall woman with auburn hair tied in a severe bun, Sophia's features are lined but handsome, the often blunt kislevite known to wear a long green dress with a white apron and a linen pashmina decorated with colourful needlework along its length. Frequently disrespectful, her irreverent sense of humour and sense of honesty are undeniable.[1a]

Sophia made rounds a few times each year to Vassily Chekatilo's brothel prior to her hiring. She never worked for the crime lord, despite offers of exorbitant pay. Instead, she chose to freely look after the girls who worked in the rooms, giving poultices for the pox and similar diseases, sometimes birthing or ending children, trying to keep the women healthy.[1b]

Sophia's father was a schoolmaster in Erengrad, but it was her mother who was the physician in the family, apprenticing her once she finished school, then sending her to Altdorf to finish training at the Emperor's College of Physicians.[1c]

Sophia also devised a means of treating infectious rat bites; an oily white cream made from camphor mixed with wax and castor oil. With a strong odour, it stings on contact but helps slightly numb the area.[2a]


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