Not to be confused with the Children of Ulric.

The Sons of Ulric believe they are literally blood descendants of the God himself, and thus should control the cult. Beyond that, most think that they should also rule the World, but the Cult of Ulric is their first priority.[1a]

If the group were unified, it would have a good chance of succeeding. However, while all members agree that a descendant of Ulric should lead the cult, they tend to disagree over which descendant of Ulric is worthy of the honour; most think it should be them, personally. A charismatic and experienced leader might be able to unite them, promising all the Sons positions of power within the cult, but no such individual has arisen. Instead, the group is fractured into dozens of splinter groups, each competing against the other as much as with the cult’s central organisation.[1a]

That said, the Sons do work to undermine the orthodox cult. Direct manifestations of Ulric’s power are treated with respect, so miracle-working priests are safe, but others are seen as obstacles to the Sons’ rightful rule, and thus targets for removal. Most try to avoid killing followers of their deity, and settle for discrediting or crippling them, to force them into retirement.[1a]

The Sons are most popular in Middenland, where they are strictly illegal, but they are found elsewhere. Some of the groups in other regions are not of pure Teutogen blood. Logically, this makes perfect sense: Ulric’s descendants could marry people from other tribes. The Middenland Sons of Ulric, however, see it as the deepest and darkest heresy, and persecute non-Teutogen Sons of Ulric as enthusiastically as the orthodox cult persecutes them.[1a]


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