The Sons of Manann are the most numerous of all of Manann’s knightly orders, although they lack the prestige and wealth of their great rivals, the Knights Mariner. The Sons of Manann are ill-thought of by the leadership of the cult of Manann in Marienburg, often derided as land-lubbers and viewed as lapdogs to the Emperor. Whilst most would disagree on principal, it is certainly true that the Sons of Manann look far more towards Altdorf than Marienburg, and their chapterhouses are almost exclusively found within the Empire.[1a][1b]

The Order

In recent years, the Sons of Manann have become more active in the northern provinces of the Empire. Uniting to defend their countrymen from Norse despoilers hailing from the frozen peaks of Norsca, they have begun to fortify the northern shores against attack.[1b]

So successful have they been and so quickly has their reputation for vigilance and honour spread that they are positively inundated with fresh-faced recruits looking to give their lives to the service of the sea.[1b]


Clad in turquoise and white-enamelled armour, the Sons of Manann are a common sight in the coastal towns of the northern Empire. They fight with weapons true to their marine heritage — cutlasses and bucklers, chosen to allow them to fight freely on the rolling deck of a ship.[1b]

When not fighting at sea, the Sons of Manann ride great white horses into battle, said by many who witness their charge to be no mortal creatures, but great elementals of wave and water. Of course this is untrue, but the Sons of Manann like to foster the impression all the same. Their steeds are trained in the surf along the northern shores, giving them great strength and endurance unmatched by the horses of other orders. From horseback, the Sons of Manann often spurn the lance, preferring to use wicked tridents instead in honour of their patron God.[1b]

Known members

  • Hrofil Halfdane - The Grand Admiral of the Sons of Manann is a veritable bear of a man standing close to 7 feet tall with flowing white hair and a great beard, into which he has woven all manner of sea shells. Halfdane is a Norseman who found fame and fortune fighting in mercenary armies throughout the Old World. When the ship he was aboard was sunk by a great storm, Halfdane prayed to Manann for mercy, and when he was washed up alive on the northern coast of the Empire, he gave thanks to Manann by offering his blade to the service of the cult. Halfdane is a compelling leader, and he has worked his way through the ranks of the order over the past 20 years, until reaching his present position at its head.[1b]


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