"Sons of Bretonnia! We ride for unity! We ride for the living!"
Bretonnia's long-mourned sons charge into battle.[1]

Sons of Bretonnia, also referred to as the Lost Sons, were mysterious and mystical Knights of Bretonnia.


The Sons of Bretonnia were born with magical gifts, taken by the Lady of the Lake at a young age. Whilst Damsels were allowed to return to their homeland, the Lost Sons remained as the Lady's personal courtiers and servants, only riding out to war in the most dire of circumstances. Each knight was once a stolen boy of Bretonnia grown to powerful maturity and regal stature. Garbed in archaic silver armour and wielding a variety of strange, mystical weapons, their pale skin had a slight glow and their eyes glittered with the glory of their goddess. Essentially acting as a martial counter to the Lady's Damsels, the only warriors that seemed greater in Bretonnia were the revered Grail Knights themselves.[1]

The Court Beneath

The Sons of Bretonnia rode out beside Louen Leoncoeur upon his ascension to Grail Knight, aiding him in his fight against the Undead army of Myldeon. They burst from a mystical lake, riding upon bestial water-horses which snorted and grunted through dagger-like teeth. Their hair rippled, swirling as if underwater and their voices roared in unison, untold years of rage waiting to be unleashed. Their charge hit home with devastating effect. The unliving puppets of Myldeon were smashed into the mud with the force of the impact, decaying bodies practically splashing apart as the silver host thundered on. Scaled warbeasts snapped and kicked and thrashed, hooked flails tore limbs from joints, tridents and spears sent bodies flying through the air. The Sons of Bretonnia ground mercilessly through phalanx after phalanx of corpse-things with not a single loss. Only a few of their number eventually fell before the necromancer as he invoked his foul magic.[1]

Myldeon was ultimately slain by the future King of Bretonnia, allowing the Sons of Bretonnia to return once again to the Lady's mystical lake.[1]

Notable Sons of Bretonnia


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