Soloman Vantor believed in the sanctity of death; that is the right of the decedent to rest in peace once they had passed beyond the troubles of the mortal world. Of all of Morr's servants in the city of Mordheim, he was the most devout. For Soloman was the High Priest of the Temple of Morr in Mordheim's southwest quarter and his days were filled with ministering to the dead.[1a]

Before the comet, the Hammer of Sigmar, struck, forever changing the city, Soloman was visited by an image of his godly master. Morr himself, an aged figure in simple black robes, came to Soloman in a dream, or so the priest purports, telling him of the tragedy to come and the great need that the dead would soon have of him.[1a]

Both physically and mentally prepared for the trials ahead, on the fateful day when Mordheim's judgement arrived, Soloman watched the comet with resignation. Miraculously, Soloman was spared, despite the ensuing destruction wreaked upon the temple itself. The High Priest was wise, thanks in part to his vision, and had taken precautions, sending away the other priests, believing it to be his divine vocation to minister to the damned.[1a]

In the dark days that followed, the death toll was slowly revealed and it was vast. Soloman retained a small staff of acolytes to venture forth from the temple and gather those in need of the rites of binding, that which guides the soul to its eventual resting place without fear of dark powers interfering.[1a]

For weeks it continued like this. Soloman was forced to work night and day, gathering souls and binding them. The High Priest was truly blessed with fortitude to endure such a task, with perhaps the prescience of Morr himself, but even he could not have predicted the changes occurring within him.[1a]

Soon, Soloman and his acolytes no longer ventured out of the temple walls in the day. Reports from adventurers, brave or mad enough to explore the city, told of robed figures breaking into locked crypts and cemeteries, to steal the peaceful dead. When the moon waned in the dead of night, it was said that an evil light could be seen exuding from the uppermost echelons of the temple. Rumours abound that Soloman Vantor, Soloman the Devout, had been tainted by the strange shards that littered the streets and ruins of the city, and that he was no longer guarding the souls of the dead, he was collecting them...[1a]


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