Solland was the southernmost province of the Empire. Destroyed by a Waaagh! under Gorbad Ironclaw, the province was devastated and its ruling Elector slain. Solland's territory has been subsumed by Wissenland, where there is a profound sense of tragedy at the fall of their once-neighbours. Kurt Helborg however now carries the Solland Runefang.

The capital of the former province was Pfeildorf, which was located between the River Sol and the Upper Reik.


Solland was originally the home of the Menogoths, who joined Sigmar under the their ruler Markus.[1a] Its symbol was the sun, which was incorporated into nobility crests and is even in use today.[4a] The name of the province was derived from the River Sol.[5a]

At the onset of the Age of Wars after the death of Mandred Skavenslayer, the Electors chose Otto of Solland as the next Emperor because of his weakness. Otto was unable to reign in the Elector Counts and the office of Emperor became a mere toy to be traded among the Elector Counts without any real authority.[1b]

Solland and their Elector Count Eldred were lost when a massive Orc Waaagh!, led by Gorbad Ironclaw in 1707 IC, attacked the province. The Solland Runefang Grudge Settler was seized by the invaders after the Battle of Solland's Crown and it is said that Gorbad ripped of the crown of Solland from the head of the slain Elector Count and placed it on his own head.[2a][3a] The Runefang was retrieved centuries later by a joint group of Men and dwarfs under dwarf Thane Ergrim Stonehammer from the lair of a chimaera in the World's Edge Mountains. Stonehammer presented it to the Emperor in Altdorf, who took it and placed it in the Imperial Treasury.[6a][7a]

In the modern Empire, the lands east of the Sol are sometimes referred to as "old Solland" or "Sudenland".[1c] Some nobles originating from the original province refuse to accept Whissenlands claim and use the term Sudenland in opposition to the claim of the Whissenland Elector.[6b] This region is famed for its wool and the furs trappers bring from the Black Mountains.[1d]


  • In the Warhammer RPG 1st Edition: Core Rulebook, the Barony of Sudenland is listed as one of the Electors of the Emperor. Later editions fold Sudenland into the province of Whissenland.


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