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"There is purity in fire! By fire did Great Solkan cleanse the fog-devils from Westerland, by fire were the heathen Kurgan driven back into the wastes. By fire we will purge this place."
Auernheimer, witch-taker of Solkan[4b]

Solkan, the Father of Vengeance and the Fist of Retribution, also known as the god of Law and Light,[6a] is the master of vengeance, an angry god who inflicts the retribution of the Gods of Law on those who offend them. He is the most popular of the Gods of Law and many Witch Hunters worship him. His followers are held in general fear and mistrust by the bulk of Old Worlders, who find the absolutism and bigotry associated with his worship uncomfortable.[1a]

The only Power of Law that is at all well known in the Old World is Solkan the Avenger, who is a popular patron for Witch-hunters. The cult of Solkan is feared by many, and none of the other cults of the Old World can be said to be cordial towards its devotees.[2a]

Worship of Solkan is especially predominant in Remas. His main temple is located in the city, having taken nearly three hundred years to construct. [5a] In the Empire, the god Söll, an ancient deity of vengeance revered by the Menogoths, is sometimes believed to be an aspect of Solkan. Worshippers of Söll are prominent in the southern lands of the Empire in old Solland and vocal in their demands of a reinstitution of the former province.[7a]

The faithful of Solkan believes that the world will end when sin and corruption rise to a point that the Avenger will no longer tolerate it. If his chosen servants fail to cleanse the world of evil before Solkan's patience runs out, he will destroy the world and cast all that live into damnation.[6a]


  • The symbol of Solkan is a clenched fist.[4a]
  • Despite its vicinity to the city-state of Remas, there are no temples dedicated to Solkan in the city of Pavona, the only contact with the cult is through the travelling adepts.[5a]
  • The sphere of influence of the goddess Fury overlaps with Solkan's.[8a]
  • As reported by Graeme Davis's Blog, Solkan was his creation. As he worked on the “Religion and Belief” chapter of WFRP 1, he decided that the existing gods of law were too abstract to be of very much use in the game. Shamelessly stealing the name and image of Robert E. Howard’s Puritan adventurer Solomon Kane, he created a patron for witch hunters and all others who sought to take the fight to Chaos. As Warhammer lore developed over the next few years, though, Sigmar took over the role of witch-hunter god, and Solkan was effectively made redundant. He had some plans to introduce a secretive cult of Solkan in the White Dwarf Marienburg series, whose members were even more fanatical and frightening than the witch hunters of Sigmar, but that never came to pass but could had led to the original concept of The Knights of Purity.


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