"An intense, white-hot shaft of light emanates forth, burning and blinding the foe with the wrath of Chotec himself."
The Beam of Chotec[2]
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A Solar Engine firing the mighty Beam of Chotec

The Solar Engines are artifacts of the Old Ones capable of channeling the power of Chotec into a white-hot beam of Light. These are mounted on Bastiladon and used as weapons of war.[2]


Upon need, the eldritch and inexplicable artifact known as a Solar Engine is taken from its secure chamber deep within the confines of a pyramid-temple and maneuvered onto a Bastiladon’s carapace. Skink Priests declare that the Bastiladon is favoured by Chotec — the Lord of the Sun — and that this creature alone is worthy to carry the Solar Engine. Whether this is true, or if the hoary Bastiladon is simply the only jungle creature that will bear the superheated device upon its back, is unknown. When activated, the arcane machine radiates invigorating rays that stir nearby reptilian creatures to energetic new heights of action and violence. When the attending Skink crew intone the correct blessings to Chotec, the Solar Engine also blasts forth a beam of intense heat, which burns the foe like the condensed rays of the sun itself.[1a]


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