Snotling Pump Wagon

Snotling Pump Wagon.

The Snotling Pump Wagon is a wooden fighting platform on wheels. Like a chariot, a Pump Wagon hurtles towards the foe to run them over. However, the Pump Wagon rumbles under its own power, with momentum provided by Snotlings, who frantically pump crude contraptions and cranks to drive the belts that turn the wheels.


With spikes, or sometimes a heavy roller fitted to the front, the Pump Wagon crushes any foes (or crew) that fall before it. The crudely constructed war machine is built and crewed by Snotlings. This is surprising, as Snotlings barely know how to use tools, and are extremely dim – often struggling even to pick their own noses. How it is that Snotlings become possessed of enough know-how to construct a formidable killing device like the Pump Wagon should be considered one of the great green wonders of the world. Or at least it would be if greenskins cared about such things; but they don't.[1a]

Snotlings buzz with strange purpose when Waaagh! energy is in the air. They instinctively gather materials, heaping all manner of junk in a pile. When the rubbish mound is large enough they begin to build. The Snotlings work without language or plans. Many small green hands lash wooden beams together. In unison they pound broken blades into a log to make the formidable spiky roller. Crude wheels are built or scavenged. With such an anarchic building process, it is never quite known what the Snotling-built device will look like. Whether it is a shanty hut on wheels, a great teetering tower, or a mere wooden frame with planks for the crew to walk on, it still crashes into the foe with the same devastating and bone-breaking crunch![1a]


Snotlings Pump Wagon (5)

Snotlings Rolling Out their Pump Wagon.

  • Spiky Roller : The Pump Wagon may be fitted with a roller studded with sharp spikes.[1a]
  • Out-rigga : Some Pump Wagons are fitted with a makeshift sail. This makes them faster but more difficult to control.[1a]
  • Flappas : Flappas are crude wings, attached to the side of the Pump Wagon, and flapped up and down by the actions of the crew. This allows the Pump Wagon to make short jumps as it bounces along, in order to avoid dangerous obstacles.[1a]
  • Giant Explodin' Spores : Sometimes Snotlings attach really big explodin' spores to the front of their Wagon, which burst when the Pump Wagon hits anything.[1a]

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