Bastonne Heraldry

The image of Smearghus, symbol of Bastonne.

Smearghus was a titanic red Dragon that terrorised the lands of Bretonnia in ancient times.


One of the greatest examples of its kind, Smearghus was a scourge upon the lands of the Bretonni. Feared for its rapacious appetite for death and terror, the dreaded beast was the size of Sinelle Keep and capable of swallowing whole horses without chewing.[1]

In –26 (952 IC) the adolescent Gilles of Bastonne, heir of the Duke, slew Smearghus as it attacked a village deep within the Forest of Châlons. Though sorely wounded, he managed to drag the beast’s severed head back to Castle Bastonne, where it still hangs above Gilles' Gate, named in his honour. Gilles took to wearing the Dragon’s skin as a cloak and adopted the beast as his personal heraldry.[1][2]

This tradition has continued in the many centuries since, with the current Duke of Bastonne, Bohemond Beastslayer, wearing the dragonskin cloak on occasions of ceremony and warfare.[3]

The Head of the Wyrm

"He’s listening to the dragon."
A common saying in Bastonne, implying that someone is mad.[3]

However, such is the great Dragon's power, that even death cannot prevent it from posing a threat to Bretonnia. Residents of Bastonne have recently started to dream that the head of Smearghus is talking to them, encouraging them to do terrible things. Some even hear its voice even when they are awake, and a dreadful crimewave has began to sweep through the town.[2]


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