Slaanesh Hellrammer and Slaanesh Hellslicer

A Slaanesh Hellslicer beside a Slaanesh Hellrammer

Slaanesh Hellslicers are strange ships to behold. They are basically Wargalleys, but have huge scythe blades on top of strong masts. As a Hellslicer approaches a target, the blades begin to rotate. As they gather speed, the huge knives merge into a deadly, glittering arc, and make an eerie keening sigh as they slice through the air.[1a]

The whirling blades of the Hellslicer only attack high locations; if the enemy ship doesn't have any high locations, the blades pass over the top of the ship and have no effect. Sail locations are particularly susceptible to the Hellslicer's attack.[1a]


  • Slaanesh Hellslicer


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