"Me like. Me help."
Skwiknibble Moldyeye[1a]
Skwiknibble Moldyeye

Skwiknibble Moldyeye

Two feet, two inches tall, stooped and filthy. A few bristles of hair sprout from his warty green head. The rheumy yellow eyes show far more intelligence than one would expect from a snotling.[1a]

Skwiknibble was once the pet and companion of the Elementalist Carstein, an Imperial Wizard who took pity on the little greenskin he found cowering in a goblins' cave he had just cleared. Recognising the faint glimmer of intelligence (the snotling could actually count to four), Carstein tamed him and actually became quite fond of him. Knowing that he could not openly take Skwiknibble with him, he carried him in a small valise drilled with air holes.[1a]

Carstein met an unfortunate end while in Marienburg. Having acquired an artefact of odd powers, he interrupted his investigations in his room at the Prince's Rest to answer nature's call. He came back just in time to see Skwiknibble swallowing the amulet. Before he could shake the jewel out of the snotling, his anger got the better of him and he died in an apoplectic fit.[1a]

Skwiknibble couldn't understand what had happened, but he knew he was in trouble and had to hide. He also knew he had nowhere to go. Since Carstein obviously liked the Prince's so much, he decided to stay there, hiding in the walls and the cess pool, to help these nice people. Soon he discovered that he could make the place more "homey" (for a snotling, that is) just by "wishing". Having forgotten about the shiny piece of glowing rock he had swallowed, he assumes this is a blessing from the Mother Fungus herself, and that he is a great shaman. He has spent the last month adding just the right touches here and there around the inn, and the staffs' reactions have made him very happy. He's even started a puffball patch on the attic rafters.[1a]

Aasenberg and his staff have occasionally heard the faint pitter-patter of tiny feet at night, but they have assumed these are caused by the "ghost". Only one being knows the truth - the cat, Harry. He's seen Skwiknibble dashing about the inn at night and the two have become friends. Harry will sit for hours staring at a spot in the wall behind which the snotling is hiding, or meowing over the hole of the bench in the loo, waiting for him to come out. Of course, the staff just think the cat has found a mouse.[1a]


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