Warhammer Skweel Gnawtooth

Skweel Gnawtooth, Master Packmaster of Clan Moulder

Skweel Gnawtooth is perhaps one of the greatest Packmasters within Clan Moulder. Skweel was a runt - a death warrant among Skaven litters. In the daily competition to live, however, Skweel could count on unlikely allies to aid his undersized cause. His comrades were not Skaven, but common rats. Skweel had a natural affinity with beasts and was often accompanied by a rippling horde of vermin. It wasn't long before the Master Moulders took note of the dread Skweel commanded amongst his fellows, as any who stood in his way disappeared into the tunnels, pulled into the darkness by rat hordes. When Skweel was given a chance in the pens with the larger beasts, he was not mauled, as are most newcomers. Instead, from that day on, Skweel was trained to become a Packmaster, a task he took to with zeal.[1a]

The majority of Packmasters seem to drive their charges but Skweel seems to guide creatures, rather than simply lashing them forward. To Skweel, Giant Rats and Rat Ogres are not barely controlled feral beasts, but trained animals eager to do their master's bidding. After a successful hunt, it is not unknown for the brutes to present Skweel with choice pieces to feed upon. Even new breeds buckle under Skweel's commands. Wolf Rats, Hyper-gland Rat Ogres, specially bred siege-beasts, all are bent to Skweel's will. Only the mindless Hell-Pit Abominations seem immune to Skweel's mastery. Skweel's ability to control dangerous packs makes him invaluable. Lord Verminkin will only release Skweel's services to the highest bidder, and only for a limited time. Skweel has led sniffer-beasts hunting rogue Assassins, packs of Black-rage enhanced Rat Ogres aiding Clan Mors in the Dark Lands, and a Tunneling Gnawbeast into a Dwarf stronghold, but Skweel always returns to Hell Pit, ready for his next assignment.[1a]


  • 7th Edition.
  • 7th Edition.


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